Parawhere is my final thesis for Ryerson University made in partnership with Catherina Walrond. It is an interactive story and scavenger hunt that was told through zines, augmented reality, and social media. 





The story of Parawhere revolved around a trio of girls who were friends. Tabernanthe and Quiana time traveled to another dimension and it was up to Bailey to discover a way with the audience to help get them back to the present. Each girl had an individual zine and blog that worked in tandem to tell their story. 



We created three zines in total.  In eah zine we hid clues hat could be accessed through augmented reality with the app Aurasma.  These clues helped participants find the hiding spots of the three zines and the final prize. 


Each girl had a blog which was how they communicated clues and progressed the story with not only the audience but each other. 

Story Map


Working with Transmedia allowed us to have various entry ways into our story. This map dictates how everything is connected and what way our story was being told.

We collaborated with jewelry designer Yuki Barton to create a necklace inspired by our logo. If a participant put all the clues together they could discover where we had hid the the necklace and claim it as their prize.