A Medium To Tell Stories - loves of my life

Open Studio -  Project Space
October 27, 2023 – December 2, 2023

A Medium to Tell Stories brings together three artists, Cleopatria Peterson, Mohammad Tabesh  and Brenda Joy  Lem, who incorporate print media and narrative elements into their work to tell stories informed by personal, generational, and wider community experiences.

Through letterpress and intaglio, they create a narrative through anonymous love letters to people in their life, complimenting them with illustrations that speak to moments and ideas of love.  loves of my life is a series of letterpressed and untitled love letters. Only the artist knows who they are dedicated to. Each letter features a fragment dedicated to people in their life; things they say often or that are easier said on paper. Complimenting the letters are a series of inter-connected copper etchings that reflect and remind the artist of the people who they love in their life. The work explores nostalgia, what we leave behind and the small things that keep us alive.

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