Bestie Mart

Feature Wall - Open Studio

March 3, 2023 – April 15, 2023

Cleopatria Peterson’s printmaking practice explores how print can be used to create tactile art objects that feel as though they exist in our everyday lives. Their artwork Bestie Mart explores the labour of print through creating a product and commodity using humour. In our current landscape, living is unaffordable, particularly groceries. Using the motif of a supermarket, Peterson imagines a world where needs like gender-affirming hormones, reparations, and safety are accessible through consumable objects. What if we could simply go to the store and obtain the things we need without experiencing systemic barriers, financial and otherwise? Can you put a price tag on those -isms, on existing in the world as a marginalized person? The artist asks you to consider this through their use of familiar printed objects including receipts, juice boxes, saltines, and more.

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